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Catholic Mindfulness

I suffer from depression and anxiety. People have suggested that I try mindfulness mediation. I was nervous because I didn’t know if it is okay for Catholics to practice it. Well, we Catholics also have something similar. It is called … Continue reading

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Found A Chair with Neck and Head Support

I don’t know about you, but for me a desk chair must have head support. I bought a chair at staples about 15 years ago for $99 that was perfect. It provided me with neck and head support eventually it … Continue reading

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Self Knowledge & Self-Discipline by Fr. B.W. Maturin

This is a little review and book report of Self Knowledge and Self-Discipline by Father Basil W. Maturin. The book was written in 1909 and can be obtained free here. Don’t buy this kindle version. It is not well formatted. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on blackcatholicblog:
If you are a baseball fan you know that the number of blacks or African-Americans playing in the major leagues has steadily declined over the years.  In 2012 only 8.05% of players were black.  This is…

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Fulton Sheen on Loneliness

I love Fulton Sheen. This is a great homily on loneliness.    

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More thoughts on Yuppies

Some more thoughts on Yuppies. By Yuppie I mean you’re typical middle class or upper class white male. Ask a yuppie what do you believe in that you are willing to die for? He will just look at you funny. … Continue reading

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IRA Member Revert to the Faith

I love the Journey Home on EWTN but most of the stories are about people who had not fallen that too far away from the faith. This is a great story of someone who was a member of the IRA … Continue reading

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