If you are a baseball fan you know that the number of blacks or African-Americans playing in the major leagues has steadily declined over the years.  In 2012 only 8.05% of players were black.  This is a sharp decline from 1975 when the number stood at 27%.


Year Ratio of Black Players
2012 8.05%
1995 19%
1975 27%
1959 17.25%

This provides a difficult problem for black America.  Their standard answer for all of black America’s problems, racism and poverty make no sense here. Can they really say that world is more racist now than it was in 1959 when the number of black players in the MLB was double what it is now?  In 1959 America was a segregated country and we had Jim Crow laws.  America now has affirmative action and a black president.  I am not saying we have ended racism.  Believe me I have…

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