More thoughts on Yuppies

Some more thoughts on Yuppies. By Yuppie I mean you’re typical middle class or upper class white male.

Ask a yuppie what do you believe in that you are willing to die for? He will just look at you funny. Because he believes in nothing. I remember at college a Puerto Rican kid came up to bunch of white kids and called one a cracker and punched him in the face. What did the white kids do? Nothing. They had the Puerto Rican outnumbered by 10 to 1 and they did nothing. Not because they are pacifists. They believe in nothing. But because they are cowards. They won’t even fight for their friends.

Words that are not in a Yuppie’s vocabulary:

Blacks commit more crime than yuppies not because they are more immoral. They are both equally immoral. Yuppies are just to cowardly to commit crime, Blacks have the guts to do the bad things they believe.

If blacks could be converted to the faith we would have a few saints. I don’t believe yuppies can be converted because they are too cowardly to even make a decision. What ever happened to white men like St. Thomas Moore who willingly died for the Faith? Now the yuppie hero is Steve Jobs. A phony Buddhist, megalomaniac, world class jerk.

Yuppies seem to love Buddha. Probably because he is not Christian. Have they ever read Buddha’s writings? I don’t think he would have a high opinion of Steve Jobs or the modern yuppie.

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