Jamaica Descends from Civilization into Savagery

My mom is from Jamaica and was born in the 1930s. I and others have noticed the steep decline of moral values in the Jamaican population. Jamaicans were once mocked for their great work ethic. They were once known for having 2 or 3 jobs. In the 1980s they were mocked on national TV by In Living Color for their legendary work ethic.

Now I have heard stories of the younger generation. They would rather beg than work. The Jamaican laziness is now legendary. My older Jamaican relatives are some of the most well mannered, family oriented and God fearing people you would ever meet. The younger generation are nothing but ignorant savages. The murder rate in the whole country is worst than our worst city – Detroit, illegitimacy rate stands at 86%, and Jamaica is the least religious majority black country in the world with only 70% saying religion is important in their lives. That is amazing low for black people.

Do you think that somebody would investigate why this happened? No. Of course not. We are black. We can’t engage in any self-criticism or self-evaluation. If we did that, we may actual learn something. No, lets put our heads in the sand and blame racism.

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One Response to Jamaica Descends from Civilization into Savagery

  1. Maria says:

    So what happened to the Jamaicans?

    I enjoyed reading your notes on Maturin’s book. Thank you.

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