3. Join A Support Group

See the complete list of 10 Catholic Ways To Cope With Depression here

I have found that people who are not depressed have difficulty understanding me. They often will invalidate my feelings and say things that are counterproductive like, “Get over it.” Talking to them does more harm than good. I have found that joining a support group has been great for me. It is great to be around people that validate my feelings and thoughts, understand me, and can offer intelligent advice. I have learned from other people’s struggle and have become better at understanding my feelings. I have gone to depression support groups, social anxiety groups, and AA. All are helpful. The only difference between most depression and anxiety groups and AA is that in AA there is no feedback.

Below are some helpful links:

Meetup.com is great resource. Search for depression and anxiety.

Depression support groups:

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) – I have been to two groups sponsored by the DBSA. One was helpful and one wasn’t. So don’t give up if the first group isn’t for you

National Alliance on Mental Illness

Depressed Anonymous

Mental Health America

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Emotions Anonymous

12 Step Groups (like AA)


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