10 Catholic Ways To Cope With Depression

I am 35 years old and I have been depressed of and on since I was 12 years old. I have tried the traditional methods of beating depression – therapy and medication – and had little success. I have tried Prozac and all it did was make me numb.  I have been to probably more than a dozen therapists and only two helped me.  One was a catholic therapist I found on CatholicTherapy.com and the other was one who specialized in mixed-race people. If you’re are going to try therapy I suggest finding one that specializes in your particular issue. Say you were adopted and you believe your depression is caused by being adopted. Try to see a therapist that specializes in dealing with people who were adopted.

OK, forget therapy and medication. Below are Catholic ways that I found helpful with my depression that did not require me to see a doctor or receive medication.

1. The Stations of the Cross
2. Novena To St. Dymphna
3. Join A Support Group
4. Books to read
5. Exercise
6. Scriptural Rosary
7. Eucharistic Adoration
8. Go on an Overnight Retreat
9. Volunteer
10. Confession

Here are some other helpful links





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