Why I am a Catholic

Why am I a Catholic?

Is it because a priest or a group of priests had a positive influence on me?
No.  Some of the biggest jerks I have met in my life have been priests. In fact, not one priest has ever had any positive influence on my life.

Is it because of my great catholic education?
That is a joke. Non-Catholics assume that Catholics schools indoctrinate  their students.  They don’t.  I went to CCD, 2+ years of Catholic high school, and a Catholic University and I learned nothing about my faith.  The most important doctrine of the faith, transubstantiation. I never heard it mentioned even once.  I learned about the real presence through my own reading.

Is it because of the friendly fellowship with other Catholics?
Catholics are some of the most unfriendly bigoted people you will ever meet. I much prefer the company of Protestants.

No, it is because I believe the Catholic Church is founded by God and has an unbreakable covenant with Him.

And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
Matthew 16:18

No organization filled with the jerks and cowards that make up the Roman Catholic Church could survive for 5 years nonetheless 2,000 years without the help of God.  That is 2,000 years without any change to the fundamental dogmas of the Church.

The example that best illustrates my point is the Church’s position on contraception.  Before 1940, every Protestant denomination considered contraception to be a sin.  Yet, today none consider it to be  a sin.  They were either wrong then or they are wrong now.  In 1968, when the Pope, at the height of the sexual revolution, issued his encyclical “Humanae Vitae” reaffirming the Church’s position on birth control, the Canadian bishops revolted and issued their Winnipeg Statement contradicting the Pope. Imagine that, the Bishops going against and challenging the Pope. The leadership was against the Pope, the world was against the Pope, and Catholic theologians were against the Pope.  600 placed an ad in the New York Times against “Humanae Vitae.”  Every Protestant church folded under that pressure.  What gave the Pope, a weak man, the courage to stand up to the World and the leadership in his own Church?  For me there is only answer and that is God.

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