Catholic Mindfulness

I suffer from depression and anxiety. People have suggested that I try mindfulness mediation. I was nervous because I didn’t know if it is okay for Catholics to practice it. Well, we Catholics also have something similar. It is called the Jesus prayer. I thought I would share it.

Here is the link

Jesus prayer

Here is another link on Catholic mediation.

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Found A Chair with Neck and Head Support

I don’t know about you, but for me a desk chair must have head support. I bought a chair at staples about 15 years ago for $99 that was perfect. It provided me with neck and head support eventually it began to fall apart so I threw it away. I assumed that i would just go back to Staples and pick another one up. Bad move. Apparently the cheap chair industry has decided not to make any more chairs that provide head and neck support. I ordered about a 6 chairs from Staples, WalMart and Office Depot and none of them provided neck and head support. I am only 5′ 8″. Finally I found a chair with a 31″ backrest from modern office.

Ultra High Back Leather Office Chair Item #:No. Y10111

I just assembled it today. It does provide head and neck support. Should it be this hard to find a good chair? Just thought I pass along that info.

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Self Knowledge & Self-Discipline by Fr. B.W. Maturin

This is a little review and book report of Self Knowledge and Self-Discipline by Father Basil W. Maturin. The book was written in 1909 and can be obtained free here. Don’t buy this kindle version. It is not well formatted.

The book is written in a lofty style but I did not find it too opaque. It did take me a lot longer to read than it would have taken me to read a modern book of the same length. Some of the writing could be a bit to flowery for my tastes. Overall, I enjoyed the book and picked up a few pointers. Now just got to put them in practice.

I struggle with self-discipline so I was hoping to pick up a few pointers. I took some notes of what I thought were Fr. Maturin’s most salient points.

      • We are put here upon earth, so to speak, to be questioned. And the answer that God listens for, is not the answer of the lips but of action. This is the true meaning of temptation. Each temptation is a question put to the soul. “What kind of a being are you, do you love God, or the following of your own inclinations?”
      • That habit can only be conquered by habit. That he must form good habits to conquer bad, habits of resistance to overcome cowardly habits of surrender.
      • The Law of habit can only be conquered by the Law of perseverance.
      • No barrier however strong will stop the river flowing, you must divert its course into another channel. An idle man will not overcome his sloth by an occasional day of fussy activity, nor a miser his meanness by random acts of generosity, no more than a belated summer s day in November will stop the approach of winter.
      • If it is difficult to overcome bad habits, it is difficult to overcome good habits.
      • The result of a great battle does not depend upon the moment’s struggle, but upon the discipline and training of the troops in the past.
      • It is not the sufferings or the consolations of life that directly affect character, but it is the thoughts which men call around them at such times.
      • A kindly person is one whose thoughts are kindly, a bitter person one whose thoughts are bitter.
      • A man who fights against the first approach of every evil thought is not likely to yield to sin in the hour of temptation, but one who has allowed his mind to become habituated to such thoughts will find in the hour of assault that the citadel of his soul is betrayed.
      • It is hard to stop thinking bad thoughts so fill your head with good thoughts.
      • The positive rather than the negative way. Let not your mind be overcome with evil, ” but overcome evil by good “. The emptying the mind of evil is not the first step towards filling it with good. It is not a step in that direction at all. If you succeeded in emptying your mind of every undesirable thought, what then ? You cannot empty it and then begin to fill it with better thoughts. No, you must empty it of evil by filling it with good.
      • It is possible to use both memory and imagination as instruments of self-indulgence, as an end in them selves, and not as means to help the soul onward.
      • There are those who find in the memory no stimulant to action, no lesson or warning for the present, but a chamber of pale dreams and ghostly forms where they spend listless hours of sadness or regret, and from which they come forth unmanned and spent and incapable of action. They live in the past, not in the present or future. They live in it, not to learn any lessons but to indulge themselves, breathing in those faded perfumes which like narcotics deaden and stupefy the powers, unfitting them for the work of life. Who that has passed middle life does not know the danger of turning the chamber of memory into a place of shadowy dreams and vain regrets and weary longings ?
    • (paraphrase) Don’t use your imagination to escape from reality. Be self-aware of your thoughts.
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If you are a baseball fan you know that the number of blacks or African-Americans playing in the major leagues has steadily declined over the years.  In 2012 only 8.05% of players were black.  This is a sharp decline from 1975 when the number stood at 27%.


Year Ratio of Black Players
2012 8.05%
1995 19%
1975 27%
1959 17.25%

This provides a difficult problem for black America.  Their standard answer for all of black America’s problems, racism and poverty make no sense here. Can they really say that world is more racist now than it was in 1959 when the number of black players in the MLB was double what it is now?  In 1959 America was a segregated country and we had Jim Crow laws.  America now has affirmative action and a black president.  I am not saying we have ended racism.  Believe me I have…

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Fulton Sheen on Loneliness

I love Fulton Sheen. This is a great homily on loneliness.



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More thoughts on Yuppies

Some more thoughts on Yuppies. By Yuppie I mean you’re typical middle class or upper class white male.

Ask a yuppie what do you believe in that you are willing to die for? He will just look at you funny. Because he believes in nothing. I remember at college a Puerto Rican kid came up to bunch of white kids and called one a cracker and punched him in the face. What did the white kids do? Nothing. They had the Puerto Rican outnumbered by 10 to 1 and they did nothing. Not because they are pacifists. They believe in nothing. But because they are cowards. They won’t even fight for their friends.

Words that are not in a Yuppie’s vocabulary:

Blacks commit more crime than yuppies not because they are more immoral. They are both equally immoral. Yuppies are just to cowardly to commit crime, Blacks have the guts to do the bad things they believe.

If blacks could be converted to the faith we would have a few saints. I don’t believe yuppies can be converted because they are too cowardly to even make a decision. What ever happened to white men like St. Thomas Moore who willingly died for the Faith? Now the yuppie hero is Steve Jobs. A phony Buddhist, megalomaniac, world class jerk.

Yuppies seem to love Buddha. Probably because he is not Christian. Have they ever read Buddha’s writings? I don’t think he would have a high opinion of Steve Jobs or the modern yuppie.

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IRA Member Revert to the Faith

I love the Journey Home on EWTN but most of the stories are about people who had not fallen that too far away from the faith. This is a great story of someone who was a member of the IRA and reverted back to the faith. It is also gives you a little background on the conflict in Northern Ireland from someone who was there.

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